Our Mission

PURSUIT connects the dots between the arts, politics, technology, the social sciences, media and activism to create and promote initiatives that inform, educate and empower mainstream audiences through the power of effective storytelling. 

Our mission is fueled by three core beliefs:

1. Story is power. If you tell the right story, you can use mainstream entertainment to inform; to educate; to foster empathy; and to mobilize those whom you may not have otherwise reached.

2. Information should be accessible. There is a wealth of social science research findings sitting in academic journals that should be made accessible, translated and applied appropriately (but creatively)  to change the world. 

3. With great power comes great responsibility. There is a happy medium between art and commerce. To that end, entertainment and media executives can and should take responsibility for the role they play in shaping society and culture - and with guidance, can do so without sacrificing their bottom line.